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    Battlerite Halloween Decoration Contest
    Create your own and spooky Battlerite Halloween Decoration and win hair-raising in-game prizes. Your contribution can be anything from a pumpkin carving, to artwork to halloween costumes. Let your creativity go wild!


    Top 10 contributions win these epic in-game items:
    • 1 Limited Halloween Mount
    • 1 Limited Avatar
    • 1 Exclusive Title: Spirit Catcher
    • 1 Extra copy of Battlerite Early Access for a friend
    The Limited Halloween Mount

    Your job is to impress the jury of Stunlock Employees, the contributions that give us the most memorable impressions (can be a good laugh!) will be chosen as winners.

    How to enter:
    Share it on our Battlerite Steam Community around Halloween: 28/10 - 6/11 + E-mail your contribution/steam link to together[at]stunlockstudios[dot]com.

    When joining this contest by submitting your content for consideration you grant Stunlock Studios a non-exclusive, perpetual license to distribute, broadcast and transmit your material, or otherwise publicly perform or display your content on any medium, and to sublicense these rights to third parties.

    The winners will be chosen by a jury that consist of Stunlock employees.

    • The decoration must have some kind of connection with the Battlerite universe or Battlerite branding.
    • Multiple submissions per person are allowed.
    • Submissions must be free of advertisements.
    • The deadline for submission will be November 6 - 23:59 CEST
    • For all assets you use, including but not limited to: art, fonts, music, sounds, you must be the copyright owner or have explicit permission from the owner. You will be required to warrant to Stunlock that you have all necessary rights and permissions in order for the entry to be considered. Any submissions found to be infringing on any copyright or IP will be disqualified.
    PS: Don't worry, there will be more mounts available for everyone as well!

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