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    Salutations Champions! Welcome to our Second tournament! With knowing how, what I'd like to think, well our last tournament did, I am now going to try making this either a weekly, or bi-monthly thing we do! Starting Saturday October 15th we will be hosting our second tournament! Read below to find out more of the tournament.

    This tournament will have two brackets, and be double elimination. The first bracket will be US, and the second Bracket will be EU. However, keep in mind, if we do not get at least 4 teams we will combine the two and use whatever is the predominant host for the tournament. For example, if 6 US teams register, and only 2 EU teams we will use US servers to host it, as well as a bracket for only US and add the 2 EU teams. Also, if we get an odd number of people the last registering team will be cut from the bracket.

    There will be no cash prizes for this tournament, only forum badges this time around.

    First place teams will receive a Gold Medal for winning the tournament #2.

    Second place teams will receive a Silver Medal for winning the tournament #2.

    Third place teams (If we get more than 10 teams in a bracket) will receive a bronze medal for winning the tournament #2.

    First place Global will receive a special medal for winning the tournament #2

    The winners of each tournament will then go head to head to see who is the best globally this tournament. The server will be determined by which server is mutually best for each team. So, if both teams have an even ping of 100/102 on x server, and the rest are a difference of like 80/200 150/30 etc. We will use the 100/102 server as it is the most stable, and closer between the two.


    • US Will start Saturday at 1700 CST.
    • Users of US will announce they are present between 1500-1630. To show they are active, and available. Users that do not do this will be removed from the bracket.
    • Teams will be 2v2
    • US Will be hosted on East Servers.
    • EU Servers are still being discussed.
    • EU time is still being discussed. However, it will start Saturday as well.
    • Both Parties must be registered to this website.
    • Users must be on at the correct time.
    • Both Parties must have at least an introduction post on this website.
    • Comment on this post Saying that you're participating, and tag your partner using the @ command. Example: @Xyphien
    • Include your team name in the post, if anything make one up :)
    • In Game name MUST be on your profile. Go here: to edit that.
    • Have fun :)
    • Prior to the tournament both users are highly encouraged to join the discord channel

    If you wish to register simply make a post below filling out this information:

    Usernames: (Usernames of both parties. Tagging both of you with @)
    Server: (EU or NA)
    Team Name:
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  2. BandiRue

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  3. Tosin

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    Usernames: @Tosin and @Uncletaco
    Server: NA
    Team name: Yummydoos

    Can't wait for round 2!
  4. Lefteye

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    Username: @lefteye420 and @mastha
    Team name : Wreckers

    btw, you can host it on playtourney, its made for people making their own tournaments!
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