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    I just want some feedback on this idea that I thought of.

    So I thought of a new gamemode where you would choose 3 champions out of a selection of like 9 or something like that, duplicates allowed. After you choose your 3 it could be a draft of battlerites for example Poloma could get the dark souls battlerite on the first round and its random through out the duration of the draft but no duplicate battlerites. For duplicate champions they both won't necessarily get the same battlerites.
    You get into the game and you can choose one of the champions that you choose from but you can see what 3 champions you opponent has so you can counter pick and you would get the battlerites you drafted in their respected round order, but to counter the over powered drafts after you win a round with a character you can not play that champion anymore so you have to draft well on all of them, or at least to the best of your abilities.

    For the gamemode itself, I was thinking that you have to use in-game currency to enter, being that the only use, at this moment, is for chest. If the only way to enter is to use currency of course there would have to be prizes so I was thinking of a win-lose system like Hearthstones, 12 wins max and 3 loses. The prizes would be better the higher you go. The prizes could be like skins for everything, currency, mounts, and chests and such or maybe special things for 12 wins idk. You could retire the run at anytime, outside of a match, or comeback to it if you want a break from it.

    So that is my idea at least. Sorry if it's worded weirdly. I thought about it and wrote it in like 30 minutes like 2 weeks ago and I just now reworded it so yeah. Tell me what you think about it.


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