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    We have a new rating system implemented. Instead of the generic old 'like' text. We now have several options to chose from with icons. We also replaced the word Like to Ratings. This will add more variety to show how you feel, as well as help others by rewarding them with +1 ratings.

    We also have a new badge system. This will reward users for varius things such as Posting on the forums, Being rated on the forums for your posts, as well as participating in events such as tournaments. We will be adding a tab to the top of the forums next to the Members tab for more convenience. These will also level you up using a leveling system. The leveling system will soon give you some cool expansions to your account. For example here soon Level 10 users will be able to change the background on their account.

    We have also added a VIP Membership option. Being a VIP Member will allow you to have a colored username, and access to all Level 10 features when they come out without having to be Level 10. VIP membership will be just $5 a month, and will help support the community immensely. Account upgrades can be found here:

    We have also added a Donate button. The reason behind VIP Membership and the Donate section is to help us pay for the hosting, domain, etc. We have the highest tier hosting, so it can be quite costly. As well as 25% of ALL donations will go towards future tournaments. If we raise $100 for example, we will put up a minimum of $25 for a tournament. Donations can be found here:

    We also have new smilies. These are more clean, and look better in quality no matter the system you're on. :);):(:mad::confused::cool::p:D:eek::oops::smug::sweat:

    If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask! :)
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