Need help using cancel well.

Discussion in 'Guides & Tips' started by Jinx, Sep 27, 2016.

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    When looking through the potions I noticed the interrupt ability and didn't understand what to do with it. I started experimenting with it found a couple good ways to use such as canceling some abilities, but I didn't find much else . I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for using interrupt effectively.
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    I generally find myself using interrupts to react to an enemy while trying to combo with another skill.

    • Jade's disabling shot is probably the best example of this. I'll try to get a mid-range disabling shot on the target, then if I'm in a good position I'll go for a snipe. If the enemy tries to use a movement or escape ability, they get silenced, so I'm almost guaranteed the shot if I'm not in danger and can land it.
    • For Poloma's spirit rift, I use it almost exclusively as a reaction tool. For example, if a Shifu dived on me and I didn't have other side up I'd expect him to use another ability after he engaged with his spear, so I'd spirit rift and then combo with spirit guiding onto an ally (or him, because why not) and/or comboing with a ghost wolf.
    • For Iva's Tazer, as an example I'd try to bait an enemy into going on me after I'd used Jet Pack, and if I get the tazer stun I'd follow up with a rocket/flamethrower (or a full ult, lol).
    I hope I helped clarify at least some part of your question. This may all just be obvious stuff to you, I'm not sure

    Side Note: For self-interrupting (standard binding is c key,) you would use it for canceling channeled abilities such as Jade's Snipe (or most abilities if you're very good). Some self-interrupts refresh the abilities cooldown after a brief moment (snipe), but with some abilities (counters) the ability is not refreshed.
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    I usually use it to try to bait out counters/shields and then punish opponents afterwards. I actually enabled cancel move (so if you move after starting a skill, you'll cancel it) as I find it faster/easier than using the 'c' button.

    Edit: I just realized you meant abilities that interrupt other people, oops. Echoing what Gehenna said, I usually use it in conjunction with a follow-up ability so if they try to dodge with an ability, they'll get stunned/silenced/etc.

    Or if I see them in the middle of doing a longer cast ability (such as palom's wolf, jade's snipe, etc).

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