How do y'all like the chest styled system?

Discussion in 'General Battlerite' started by Xyphien, Dec 31, 2016.

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    I'm not a big fan of these chest styled systems most games are beginning to go towards. Games like Overwatch, Battlefield, Battlerite, etc. I don't see how it is working as well as League of Legends, and other Moba's systems they have going on where you simply buy the paid points to obtain the exact skin you want. I'd personally be willing to invest a lot more into that system than the current one they have in place. I'm not going to spend $10 on a random chance to get a skin for one of the few champions I play.

    How do you all feel about the paid system they have in place? Do you like the whole chest style system, or do your think they should have it another way?

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