Champion Bios (WIP)

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    Champion Bios
    This is a compliation of all the info bits on the champions in the game thus far, some being changed or removed with the early access release of the game. All current, changed or removed bio information comes from and the game itself.​

    Eastern Champions

    Sirius, a calm prodigy who uses the energies of stars and planets as destructive spells and healing powers. The prophecy was true and foretold the birth of the Zenith.

    A scavenger from the outer realms. Iva has engineered her own arsenal of weapons. Firing crazy rockets or unleashing a storm of bullets is her way of greeting her opponents in the Arena.

    A mighty chieftain rushing into battle with a giant hammer in one hand and his dinner in the other. Rook like to smash his enemies, with boulders, with hammers and even with his body. Once he goes berserk he turns into an unstoppable force.

    A mysterious gunslinger, Born with eagle-eyes and armed with a lethal sniper rifle, Jade' pinpoint accuracy is a serious threat for anyone who enters the arena. For close encounters she prefers a good old combination of stealth and homemade revolvers

    Northern Champions


    Lucie is a diverse contender who knows which brew makes you choke, heal or flee in fear. The area has become her new playground for wild experiments.

    A masked creature specialized in dark sorcery and pyro-kinetic powers. Casting devastating fire spells on his opponents and avoiding close combat. Don't fooled by his size, Ashka's inner demon strikes fear into all who face him.

    His background is shrouded in mystery, his movements are supernatural and his reputation is whispered about. Croak loves to surprise his enemies, using his mobility to move in and out. His chameleonic stealth and flexible fighting style makes him exceptionally hard to catch.

    Bakko has a proud history, a heroic brawler armed with axe and shield. Bakko uses his shield to outmaneuver opponents and protect his teammates. Watch out for his earth shattering dash attacks, even calm warriors sometimes go berserk.

    Southern Champions


    Oldur, a mysterious creature able to bend time and space. He can mend wounds with powerful heals and reverse enemy attacks by freezing them in time.


    A being formed by the energies of others. Varesh uses his power to weaken and disrupt his enemies. By combining his powers he is able to unleash devastating attacks.

    A sage able to control the oceans and whatever creature that lurk below. Pearl transforms water into volatile attacks, rejuvenating steams and protective bubbles.

    Once a tribe queen, now a fearless contender. Her titanic hammers and overwhelming power of lightning is the perfect recipe for destruction.

    Western Champions


    An exceptionally swift hunter wielding a razor sharp boomerang. By shaping the wind around her Taya is able to increase her speed and control her boomerang with deadly precision.

    Poloma uses shamanic powers to guide life and spirits alongside her protector and loyal creature, Toki. A dark disturbance among souls has put Poloma on a new path, leaving her safety and home behind. Driven by her burning curiosity and extraordinary senses, Poloma now seeks answers in the arena.

    Expert in the martial art of Ni'Shu and master of the spear. A highly mobile and dangerous duelist. His extraordinary combat prowess culminates in a range of deadly melee attacks. Facing Shifu is like walking into a tornado of spearheads.
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