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  1. Battle Manly
  2. Battle Manly
    Battle Manly
  3. Davor
    Looking for peeps to play together . IGN daco032 search meout for some fun games
  4. Daniel Prendi
    Daniel Prendi
    Can someone give me a battlerite key , message me in steam , name is Daniel Prendi and no icon just the normal steam one , please i love br.
  5. Battle Manly
    Battle Manly
  6. Gehenna
    Nice to see new people after this place went dark for a while. :)
  7. gabriel
    looking for a br key :>
  8. gabriel
    i'm newb
  9. Xyphien
    Happy new year everyone! I hope you all are having a great new year. I just got off a 14.5 hour shift with no breaks for food or anything :)
  10. Eiichi12
    NEw year everyone!
  11. Eiichi12
    IT is a new year
  12. Hanbro
  13. Tobias Carvalho
    Tobias Carvalho
    Waiting for justice.
  14. Haider Zahoor
    Haider Zahoor
  15. Pet Rock IV
    Pet Rock IV
    Hello, world!
  16. FareRegis
  17. dexter
    a geek chasing for giveaways
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  18. Battle Manly
    Battle Manly
  19. Battle Manly
    Battle Manly
    Hello fellow Battleriter!
  20. Breee
    Ave Dominus Nox!